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The Project Recycled was an event presented by the City of Las Vegas and Housing Assistance Corp. on November 16th. An event to revitalize the area of Stewart and Eastern through community engagement. Volunteers broke into teams to see who could recycle the most product to clean up the area. The proceeds developed from the recycled products were matched by Housing Assistance Corp. and given to Rescue Mission for the Homeless. 

Housing Assistance Corp. in conjunction with a solution group rehabbed 1100 H Street property for an 83-year-old veteran.

This event highlights our cities' local music artists, musicians, chefs, athletes, influencers, and community leaders. We also highlight local vendors in an effort to create a sense of Black economics.

A celebration of our cities business owners. This gave the community an opportunity to champion our own while enjoying a night of good music, food, and cocktails.

The Hood Votes and Party to the Poles are unique ways to achieve voter turnout in our community in an effort to aid in increasing voter participation. 

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